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Coordination by email or text alone doesn't work!

Improve the quality of your social activities by taking the headache and hassles out of planning them!

Planning a foursome for your tee time doesn't have to be painful

Make it easy for your friends to commit - easily coordinate your game, and communicate status!

Your gamer friends ever flake on you, making it hard to plan sessions?

"Are we even still on, what is the status?" - these problems go away, leaving you to focus on your game!

Custom fields let you set the format and supplies needed - this gets you to "turning things sideways and dealing lethal" quicker!

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the Zejoop Difference:

normal and gaming image
golf image



  • you decide "what, where, when, who"
  • select from popular templates
  • ...more templates coming soon!



  • set minimum number of friends required
  • set your need to know date (RSVP)
  • ideal for Golf, where a foursome is required



  • your event status changes over time
  • planning progress is updated via responses
  • your event status is shown on a summary page



  • send invitations & collect responses
  • automatic confirmation or cancellation
  • notification by email OR (coming SOON!) text

“As an avid gamer it's always been hard to organize play sessions. I've created Zejoop to solve common planning problems, for gaming, and for many other events where 'fun with friends' is the goal.”

Michael Jay LaRue